Tastes soft and nutty. Source of healthy oil and supplement for plant based protein palette. Ecologically produced and responsible choice from field to table. Oilseed hemp is a real superfood that is an ingredient for tasty products. Simply unique raw material.

FoodFarm offers hemp products further to processing industry. We support our customers’ product development with our experience and processing expertise. We ensure the availability of pure, Nordic oilseed hemp and invest to continuous process and product development. In our production we use variety Finola, originating from Finland.

We are FoodFarm

FoodFarm is a Finnish company specialized in sales and marketing of oilseed hemp products. Our products are raw materials processed from the seed of oilseed hemp, such as whole and dehusked seed, hemp protein and hempseed oil. Our customers are companies in food, feed and chemical industry, and trading companies all over Europe.

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