Our product portfolio is based on novel, premium quality cereals and specialty plant-based products, which support your health. It consists of a group of special barleys and a unique superfood, oilseed hemp.


BARLEYmax® represents the next evolution of whole grain superfoods. It was developed to improve our well-being by preventing lifestyle diseases. Read more.

Kebari® barleys

Gluten-free Kebari® -barleys are the world-first barleys with very low in gluten and high fibre content. There are two types of these specialities, hull-less Kebari®food barley and Kebari®malting barley. Read more about Kebari® food barley and Kebari®malting barley

Oilseed hemp

Our barley portfolio is supplemented with another unique, gluten-free superfood, oilseed hemp. We offer all ingredients of which are processed from oilseed hemp seeds. Read more.

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