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Ecological and pure hempseed products from the North

The strengths of our products are ecologicality, high quality and versatility. They are suitable for many uses. Our products are made of Finnish oilseed hemp which is produced in special Northern conditions. We also offer products with organic certificate. All of our hemp products are naturally gluten free. Get to know more about our products on ourĀ product catalogue.

Hemp Seeds

We offer whole, hulled, and malted hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are an easy, tasty, and healthy addition to almost any dish. They contain the perfect balance of proteins, omega fatty acids, fibers, and minerals.

Hemp Proteins

Our highly protein-rich, finely milled protein concentrates are made from dehulled hemp during the oil pressing process. Hemp proteins are also an excellent gluten-free fiber supplement.

Cold-Pressed Hempseed Oils

The pleasantly nutty-flavored hemp oils are made from hemp seeds through cold pressing. We sell hempseed oil made from whole, dehulled, and sprouted seeds.

Fibre Powders, Other Products and Services

In addition to seeds, proteins, and oils, our range includes fiber powders that make excellent fiber supplements, hemp press cake popular as animal feed, and Veggie steak MIX, which gives you the opportunity to easily create plant-based patties!

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