Special plants from Finland covers three Finnish companies: FoodFarm Ltd., Nordic Caraway Ltd. and Plant extracts Finland. We work with three special plants: oilseed hemp, caraway and coriander.

FoodFarm is a Finnish company specialized in sales and marketing of oilseed hemp ingredients. Our products are ingredients processed from the hemp seed, such as whole and dehusked seed, hemp protein and hempseed oils. From contract farmers to our factory process operators, the people working at FoodFarm are dedicated to high quality oilseed hemp. We share the values of expertise and innovation as well as tidy and methodological way of working.

Contact: Mrs. Satu Pura, tel +358 45 7750 1076, [email protected]

Nordic Caraway is the world`s largest caraway producer. The backbone of our production is the network of educated, professional and dedicated contract farmers. Our high quality caraway seed comes from our innovative production plants, where each seed is individually sorted and selected. Specialized to clean and process only caraway seeds and boasting state-of-the-art equipment not found anywhere else, these highly specialized plants are the world’s largest caraway seed producers and processors.

Contact: Mr. Juha Hemminki, tel +358 500 490 674, [email protected]

Plant extracts Finland is a company dedicated to spices from the area where northern lights are present. We purchase Finnish coriander seeds from our contract farmers, the seeds are graded by colour and selected seeds are refined into natural essential oil. If You need coriander as oil, seeds, whole or ground, we fulfill Your needs.

Contact: Mr. Mark Engelholm, tel +358 50 444 0523, [email protected]

Come and meet us in-person at FIE exhibition. You will find us at stand 4.1A103.