There have been years of research and development with gluten-free Kebari® -barleys and BARLEYmax® . The story of these special barleys began in Australia almost a decade ago, when a group of Australian researchers and scientists started to work with special genetic traits in variety development. The first generation of these special barleys are now introduced in several continents. Development work continues in Australia and other parts of the world, based to license and marketing agreements between the parties.

Golden Malt

Golden Malt is a Finnish company, that has its focus on the R&D of healthy plant-based products. Their flagship product is naturally gluten-free barley, which has been developed for the last two years globally with Australian partners and European plant breeders under license agreements. In addition Golden Malt invests in R&D and production of high quality sprouted grains together with their partners.


FoodFarm is a Finnish company, specialized in the sales and marketing of healthy plant-based ingredients. FoodFarm started with oilseed hemp, and the target is to largen their product portfolio to other specialty crop-based products. A joint venture with Golden Malt in sprouted food and special barley sales is a significant step towards the target.

Strategic partners

The Healthy Grain is an Australian SME, specialising in commercialising nutritionally superior, non-GMO wholegrains, with an ambition to improve the health and wellbeing of people globally. The Healthy Grain have commercialised BARLEYmax® internationally. The next step is to bring the first gluten-free hulless Kebari® -barley to the food markets. The Healthy Grain of Australia and Golden Malt have agreed the co-operation of BARLEYmax® for North European market.

CSIRO is an Australian Science Agency with eight business units. Their agriculture and food unit works with the whole food chain, from field to table. Researchers and plant breeders and CSIRO agriculture and food unit have originally developed gluten-free Kebari®-barleys for people with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. CSIRO and Golden Malt have agreed the co-operation of Kebari® -malting barley for European market.