Fibre Powders, Other Products and Services

Hemp fiber powders, which are extremely low in gluten, contain a high amount of fiber and protein, and very little fat. Hemp fiber powder is an excellent addition to almost any diet, especially gluten-free ones, providing essential fibers for the digestive system. Among our other products, you will also find popular hemp cakes for animal feed purposes. We also offer sprouting and malting services with our groundbreaking drum malting equipment.

Fibre Powder

Fibre powder is 100 % ground seed hull of oilseed hemp. Fine powder which has a micron size < 250. Fibre powder contains lots of fibre and brings a feeling of satiety with only a low amount of calories. The product is suitable for granola, porridge, and other fibre-rich mill products. Gluten free.

Hemp Bran

Hemp bran is made from the hull of the hemp seed. Despite the texture, hemp bran is very similar to fibre powder. As the fibre powder, hemp bran is rich in fibre and gives a feeling of satiety with a low amount of calories. It is well-suited for granola, porridge, and other fibre-rich mill products as well as animal feed use. Gluten free.

Crushed Hempseed Cake

Crushed hempseed cake is a by-product of oil pressing. It is a high quality protein and fiber supplement for both pets and domestic animals.

Veggie Steak MIX

Veggie steak MIX gives you a chance to create your own vegan steak, ball or loaf. It contains 93.1 % Finnish vegetable proteins: faba bean, oat and hemp along with dried, ground vegetables, spices and psyllium fiber. Free from additives. Add hot water and a drop of oil, mix the dough and let it rise. Add your own flavours: fresh vegetables, cheese, mushrooms or wild herbs. Available gluten free.

Sprouting and Small-Scale Malting Services

We can offer flexible batch malting and high-quality sprouting products with our groundbreaking drum malting equipment. These services cater to microbreweries and the food industry, for whom product origin and traceability throughout the entire production chain are crucial.

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