Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are superfood at its best

Finnish hemp seeds contain the right balance of proteins, omega fatty acids, fibers, and minerals. They are easy to use, as the seeds can be added to almost any dish or enjoyed on their own!

Whole Hemp Seed

Whole hemp seeds have a crunchy, fibre-rich husk and a soft, nutty interior. Hemp seed is a source of chlorophyll, gammalinolene acid (GLA 4 %) and stearidonic acid (SDA 2 %). Also available roasted. Gluten free.

Dehulled Hemp Seed

Our gently dehulled seeds are made from whole hemp seeds and have a good nutty flavour and a a soft texture. The peeling makes the nutrients digest more effectively in the body. Excellent for cooking and as a snack. Suitable for cooking plant-based alternatives for dairy and meat products. Also available roasted. Gluten free.

Germinated Hemp Seed

The crunchy and soft tasting seed is germinated so that the seed becomes active and the nutrients become easier to utilize. The product is germinated just enough to activate the seeds. Some of the seeds are a bit opened. After germination, the texture of the seed becomes softer and crunchier. Also available roasted. Very low gluten.

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