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A Record Amount of Oilseed Hemp Planted This Year

At the beginning of June, farmers have finished sowing, and the busiest


Finnish Research: There’s a Demand for Environmentally Friendly Plant-Based Meals

FoodFarm’s parent company Trans Farm participated in the ”Hiililounas” or ”Carbon Lunch”


A strong Player opens Doors to the use of Hemp protein

A strong Player opens Doors to the established use of Hemp protein


Mill Investment enables the Production of finer Hemp protein flours

The recently introduced classifying mill is our latest investment in processing oil


Tasty Chicken Bursa brings variety to your spring

Adding variety to spring meals is easy with the chicken bursa, or


The northernmost Whiskey in the World is made from Arctic Barley – And malted in Finland

“Barley was the most important grain in Northern Norway until the Second


The FINOLA Hempseed variety originates from Finland

Did you know that the most famous northern oilseed hempseed variety, FINOLA,


Oilseed hemp is Superfood at its best 

    Frantsila Herb Farm’s agronomist and product developer, Virpi Raipala-Cormier, says


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We are pleased to announce that FoodFarm’s first newsletter has been published.