FoodFarm’s parent company Trans Farm participated in the ”Hiililounas” or ”Carbon Lunch” project, which studied the demand for environmentally friendly, plant-based meals in several student cafeterias.

The aim of the project was to offer diners a healthy, tasty, and environmentally friendly alternative to meat-based meals. The naturally gluten-free and environmentally friendly hemp offered by Trans Farm was a natural choice as a source of protein, amino acids, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as fiber.

The results of the study were clear: there is a demand for plant-based meals. At best, almost a third of diners chose vegetarian food. Eighty percent of the respondents said they would gladly eat the same food again.

Based on diners’ responses, the most important criteria for choosing vegetarian food were good taste, healthiness, and affordability compared to meat. For many, vegetarian food was simply the better choice. Some were also influenced by a concern for the environment. In the future, respondents hope to see more vegetarian recipes for everyday cooking.

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