At the beginning of June, farmers have finished sowing, and the busiest period of spring has passed. Here at FoodFarm, we have a special reason to celebrate this spring as the area of sown oilseed hemp is larger than ever before!

Over the past five years, our parent company, Trans Farm Oy, has significantly expanded the cultivation of oilseed hemp in Finland. This year, the cultivated area has once again exceeded previous records. The growing popularity and interest in oilseed hemp are also evident in the number of our contract farmers: 120 Finnish farmers are currently cultivating top-quality hemp.

This year also brings with it the joy of introducing a new oilseed hemp variety from the breeder of the legendary Finnish variety FINOLA. The new variety, FINOLA2, differs from its predecessor with its larger seeds, lower THC content, and the potential for dual farming: for the production of both grain and fiber. Learn more about FINOLA2 from Trans Farm’s FINOLA website.

Sowing oilseed hemp benefits both the climate and nature significantly. The carbon footprint of the protein produced from hemp is small, and in collaboration with our contract farmers, we strive to reduce it even further. Hemp also captures atmospheric carbon dioxide up to twice as effectively as trees.

For farmers, one of the most important characteristics of hemp, besides its economic profitability, is its ability to improve soil fertility. The roots of oilseed hemp penetrate deep into the soil, loosening it and enhancing soil water management. Hemp is primarily an ecological crop as it requires no chemical pesticides and serves as a food source for pollinators.

Our business model supports the principles of responsible farming. We offer guidance to our farmers in selecting the best cultivation methods and track each batch of hemp from the field to the table. This ensures that our product quality control process is continuous and thorough.

Explore our products further on our product page and learn about oilseed hemp cultivation on Trans Farm Oy’s website.