Golden Malt and FoodFarm have a shared passion to bring healthy plant-based products and raw materials to Scandinavian and North-European food and beverage markets. To enable this passion, Golden Malt and FoodFarm have entered into a joint venture in marketing and sales of sprouted foods. Through this joint venture, Golden Malt has chosen FoodFarm as their partner to market Golden Malt`s special barleys and sprouted foods.

Golden Malt is a Finnish company, that has its focus on the R&D of healthy plant-based products. Their flagship product is naturally gluten-free barley, which has been developed for the last two years with globally remarkable actors.

FoodFarm is a Finnish company, specialized in the sales and marketing of healthy plant-based ingredients. FoodFarm started with oilseed hemp, and the target is to largen their product portfolio to other specialty crop-based products. A joint venture with Golden Malt in sprouted food and special barley sales is a significant step towards the target.

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