FoodFarm’s plant-based protein palette is growing with another real superfood. Besides oilseed hemp, we are now bringing the world’s first naturally gluten-free and health-enhancing barleys to our assortment. Together our special plants represent the elite of superfoods.

Naturally gluten-free Kebari® barleys

Gluten-free and high-fiber Kebari® barleys are unique in the world. They are an expected innovation for the food and beverage industry. Kebari® barleys can be divided into two types: malting barley for breweries and beverage industry, and hulless food barley for food applications. Kebari® barleys suit for many products, such as cereals, mueslis, bread products, snack bars, and production of beer and beer malt products.

BARLEYmax® represents the new generation of wholegrains

BARLEYmax®, which is prebiotic (contains a lot of slowly digestible fiber) represents the new generation of health-enhancing wholegrains. It brings significant added value to the food use of barley with its prebiotic properties. Hulless BARLEYmax® barley is a unique combination of four prebiotic fibers, including resistant starch and high betaglucan content. This nutritionally unique barley is bred to enhance our health by helping for example with weight control and thus helping to prevent many diseases of affluence, such as intestinal and heart diseases, and diabetes. Also BARLEYmax® can be used for cereals, mueslis, breads and snack bars.

Gluten-free Kebari® barleys and BARLEYmax® are semi-commercialized. In 2022 we will deliver small quantities of these new special barleys for the food and beverage industry for testing. Kebari® barleys and BARLEYmax® are bred by Australian scientists. Golden Malt, that is FoodFarm’s co-operation company, has the license rights of these barleys in Northern Europe.

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