The strengths of our products are ecologicality, high quality and versatility. They are suitable for many uses. Our products are made of Finnish oilseed hemp which is produced in special Northern conditions. We also offer products with organic certificate. All of our hemp products are naturally gluten free.

Hemp seed and roasted hemp seed

Whole hemp seed that is suitable for many purposes. Also available roasted.

Dehusked hemp seed

Gently dehusked seed from whole hemp seed, which has a good nutty flavor. Also available roasted.

Hemp powder

Powder that is grounded from hemp seed cake contains all the important nutrients. Hemp powder is absorbed better than whole hemp seed.

Germinated hemp seed

Crunchy and soft tasting seed which is germinated so that the seed becomes active. Part of the seeds are a bit opened. Also available roasted.

Hemp protein 45%

Hemp protein has soft and fresh flavour and it is a valuable addition to plant based protein sources and protein supplement for people who exercise.

Hemp protein concentrate 65%

Hemp protein concentrate with a high protein content is an excellent vegan protein supplement. Its color is light and the taste is mild. The NEW product will be available in our selections by the end of this year.

Hemp bran

Hemp bran that is made from the hull of the hemp seed is very rich in fiber.

Cold pressed hemp seed oil

Very nutrient rich oil produced from hemp seed using cold-pressing method. The flavor is nice and soft, nutty and grassy. The product is suitable for cold dishes.

Dehusked hemp seed oil

A nutritious oil made from dehusked hemp seeds by cold pressing. Unlike other hemp oils, the color of the oil is light yellow. The NEW product will be available in our selections by the end of this year.

Germinated hemp seed oil

Even more nutritious hemp seed oil made from germinated hemp seeds. The oil has a slightly nutty flavor and light green color. This premium quality oil is especially suitable for high quality foods. The NEW product will be available in our selections by the end of this year.

Crushed hemp seed cake MIX

SininenMIX contains crushed hemp seed cake, blackcurrant, bilberry and chokeberry. PunainenMIX contains crushed hemp seed cake, lingonberry, redcurrant and cranberry.

Veggie steak MIX

Veggie steak MIX gives you a chance to create your own vegan steak, ball or loaf. It contains 93.1 % Finnish vegetable proteins: fava bean, oat and hemp along with dried, ground vegetables, spices and psyllium fiber. Free from additives. Add hot water and a drop of oil, mix the dough and let it rise. You can add own flavours, fresh vegetables, cheese, mushrooms or wild herbs.

Hemp pellet / Crushed hemp seed cake

Hemp pellet is a by-product of oil pressing. It is high quality protein and fiber for pets and domestic animals. Also available crushed hemp seed cake.