Kebari® barleys are naturally low gluten barleys, developed by Australian researchers and scientists. They are non-GMO and are developed by using traditional plant breeding techniques.

Kebari® malting barley has a gluten content of less than 5 ppm, and offers a naturally gluten-free barley for brewing and distilling. Compared to standard European 2-row malting barley, its B-, C- and D-hordein characteristics and smaller seed size have certain effects on malting quality. Kebari`s extract content tends to be somewhat lower due to smaller grain size. Its beta amylase content is clearly lower, whereas alpha amylase is at about the same level as with standard varieties. Free amino nitrogen content of the variety tends to be a bit high and betaglucan content very low. In germination and modification Kebari® has shown similar characteristics with other malting varieties.